Piercing Information


Requirements to be pierced by Raye @ Eclectic Tattoo Co. & Body Piercings:

  • Must bring in photo ID & be over 18
  • For genital piercings, please call ahead for a consult & more information about your desired piercing

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For minors wanting to be pierced:

  • Must have a LEGAL guardian or parent accompanying the minor.
  • State Issued ID for parent/legal guardian, as well as the minor, must have some form of identification that shows last names match.
  • Minor MUST be able to verbally consent to the procedure. (I will not pierce children under the age of 3yrs. They do not know or yet understand what a body modification is, such as ear piercings.)


-Anxiety Piercing

-Why you should wait to pierce your child

-Basic Aftercare for Piercings


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