How to Perform a Sexy Pole Dance (Beginner Friendly)

If you haven’t read,  How to be an Exotic Dancer, Part One you’ll want to read it, if you are serious about entering the dancer life. However, if you are here to learn how to give a sexy pole dance, watch these videos below.



So you have gotten hired into the club you were hoping for. First off, Congratulations. I hope that reading How to Give a Lap Dance made you more comfortable with giving your first lap dance. But now it is time to learn how to perform a sexy pole/stage routine, to help increase your income.

Spicing up The Bedroom:

An erotic pole dance is a great way to spice up things up in the bedroom. The thing most women struggle with is finding the confidence to do a dance. It’s not lack of self-confidence really, it all comes down to we all feel awkward trying something new, and the fact that we know all eyes will be on us, makes most people have anxiety about the situation. Just know, you are sexy enough, you are beautiful, and you CAN do this. Your significant other loves you the way YOU are, and there is nothing better than a confident YOU.

The Dance

Below I will post the links to three different videos. Watch all three to give the best diversity to your dancing. You may find something that you like and be able to try it and hook it the first time. Or you may find something a little too different for you for the first time, but you could work on it, and OWN it down the road.

  1. A beginners dance for an entertainer
  2. How I dance while I am working in a club
  3. How I would give a private only show (for my husband)

I will add that I do try to keep everything pretty simple in all dances that I do. Most dancers do not receive workers comp, so remember that when trying the crazier side of things when dancing. I usually save my crazy pole tricks for my home studio and sometimes even post them on my Instagram and SnapChat, so make sure you are following me to make sure you do not miss when I do post them.

Video 1


Video 2


Video 3


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**Please note: I do not own the music used in these videos.

How to Give a Lap Dance

 Whether you’re looking to spice up your current relationship, or need help learning how to give a lap dance,  these simple steps will have your partner/customer begging for more.


Step One:

Select a song that you know well if selecting your song is not an option find the slowest beat. I usually try to go with every other beat if it’s a fast song. If you need me to explain that further, you can always message me on any of my social media accounts.

Step Two:

Find an outfit that you feel absolutely the BOMB.COM in! It could be their favorite shirt and some thigh highs. Anything that brings out your confidence is key.

Step Three:

Tell your partner/customer, absolutely no touching (it drives them WILD). Start out the dance by slowly caressing your body, and make sure you make eye contact, and smile. You are in control! Establishing dominance is a real turn on for most.

Step Four:

Don’t start stripping down right away. Unless you are an exotic dancer, I give about 10 seconds and then turn around and remove my top, still not letting them see me until I turn back. It’s a great way to playfully tease.

Step Five:

Now, this is where you are really going to get into it with your moves. Start getting closer, but just far away to where you are barely brushing against them. Again this will drive them insane, but it’s such a great tease. Now, this is important, start looking for what move drives them the most insane. You will feel, or hear their breathing change. When you have found that move and the song, is coming to an end, make sure that is the last move you do. If your an exotic dancer, more than likely, they are going to want another dance.

Below is a video to give a demonstration of how I give a lap dance. What works for me, may not work for you. However, it is good to see how everyone else moves and to take small bits and pieces to try on your own. Each lap dance I give is completely different. For instance, if I am giving a regular floor dance, I am not going to be as into it as I am in the video link below.

*Warning: I am wearing boy shorts and a sports bra, if this attire offends you, I suggest not watching the video. Also, the man in the video is my darling husband.  ***I also do not own the rights to this music***

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How to File Taxes as an Exotic Dancer

Tax time!! And I bet as a dancer you are freaking out about filing your taxes. Because let’s be honest, you barely kept track of how much money you actually made. You have no idea what you’d even tell the tax person to go off of, seeing as how most dancers do not receive a 1099 form. Or maybe you don’t even want to deal with the embarrassment of talking to someone about what you do and having to defend yourself for the thousandth time of why you’re a dancer.

Finding your income

Let’s find out your exact earned amount, or as close to as possible. You can do a few investigative things on your own to help find the magical number. Look at your bank statements, if you work another job, subtract each check amount for each month you danced. What is left over is your dancer earnings. Example; your bank statement that month was for $1,575. You had 2 direct deposits from your other job that month that you’ll receive a W-2 form for, or 1099, they were 575, and 379.

1575 – 575 = 1000

1000 – 379 = 621

Your monthly earnings would be $621 for dancing. Give or take you didn’t receive a cash gift from someone or etc circumstances.

Now if you solely danced, and had no other income, looking at your bank statement would be a pretty solid form of how much you made for the year. However, if you do not have a bank account for whatever reason, you can add up all the bills you paid and receipts you still have to give you an estimate.

Please note, if you did not keep a solid track record of how much you made, you will have to try and at least average out how much you made per week through memory.


I personally like to file by myself using TurboTax. It’s convenient and easy to follow the steps. You’re going to want to file under a Type-C which is for businesses.

First, you’ll fill out things about yourself, social, address, birth date. As well as if you have any dependents and simple questions on who will be claiming them.

Next will come to your business. You’ll want to input your business code as [ 711510 ]. This will not affect your taxes if that code is missing, however, it does make it easier for the IRS to detect the kind of work you do, do. Next, you will put the whole amount of money you made for the year in the section called (Additional income/ and other 1099-K cash, checks, and other income.).


After that is completed the next section brought up will be your deductions. You can deduct your travel (if you’ve kept track), your house fees, equipment, and supplies (outfits). You typically want to save receipts everytime you buy a new outfit, or shoes.

If you haven’t, again you pretty much know from memory how much you typically spend on house fees, DJ tip-outs, and other expenses per night. As well as how much each pair of shoes cost you, and what the outfit costs. Start writing it all down, and add up the total amount.

Now travel is a little bit more difficult to keep track of, that is actually one I do not mess with unless I am a hundred percent certain. Good news though, when using turbo tax business, you get a year free use of quick books. Download the app, and it will keep track of your traveling for you, just mark personal, or business after each trip. Pretty simple.

Send off

Once you have plugged in all your info, you are good to go to send to the IRS. They will notify you if you need to make changes. Most likely you will not, but just so you are aware.

Now that you have filed your taxes, you will be in a good spot to understand what you’ll need to keep track of for next year. Personally, I keep a calendar with me in my dancer bag or purse and write down what I make before I leave that night, as well as what I tipped out. You’ll want to from now on, keep receipts for everything you purchase pertaining to your business including shoes, outfits, make-up (because your job is based off your appearance you can deduct make-up), the pole you installed in your home, breast implants (again your appearance is your money maker). These receipts will help save you in case you are ever audited.

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How to be an Exotic Dancer, Part One


 So you want to become a dancer, typically called a stripper. You’ll quickly find that most clubs refer to their girls as entertainers, exotic dancers, or just dancer. I personally have not worked in a club where management has called me a stripper. So let’s go through the first steps of entering the sex industry. Yes, that’s right the SEX INDUSTRY. Sounds kind of scary when wording it like that, however, it is best you become as knowledgeable about the industry as you can be so that you are comfortable.

Selecting the Club

Your first step is to do research on the clubs that you would like to work in. Select 3 for starters, and rank them 1 through 3. Visit them during Monday – Thursday which is usually going to be a clubs slower days, and then come back on Friday – Sunday to see them at their busiest moments. Look for how clean the chairs are, where the VIP rooms are, the smoking decks, etc. These will indicate how ‘clean’ the club is typically kept.
Look at reviews online from Facebook, and Google. Be mindful when looking at reviews though, angry customers usually exaggerate the truth a bit. However, it is a huge plus if you see the club has commented back to an individual.


So you’ve selected your club that you’d like to audition for. To obtain an audition you’re going to want to call ahead and see what times they usually audition girls. Clubs are always hiring, if you walk in and they say they aren’t hiring any girls right now, it is their polite way of saying you aren’t the look they are looking for. Rejection will happen, and it is ok. We will cover that later.
So you’ve called and they said to come in between 8 – 10 Monday – Thursday for an audition. At that point, you’ll want to have an audition bag ready to go in your car. So here is where some “laws” come into play. Each state has a different requirement for how many articles of clothing you wear, or how thick your thong has to be. You’ll have to research that before you buy your clothing. Dancer clothing is not cheap. In my area, a typical dancer thong is 12.00 + tax.
My audition bag usually consists of 2 thongs, one black, one red. A red and black bra, and one piece outfit. 1 pair of stockings, 1 garter belt, 1 pair of heels (color depends on what I am more likely to wear per audition) Deodorant, vaginal spray (Spray on the outside of your thong, not on yourself directly) Perfume, emergency bag of feminine products, and a light make up bag (eyeliner, lash glue, lipstick)
For my first audition I wore a bra I felt most confident in, and a thong that had a see-through skirt attached to it, and some pumps I found at Plato’s Closet for $10. (they were black, closed toes, and 6-7 inches tall, they totally looked like dancer shoes) and I carried it all in a bag I already had. My startup bag was a total of $40. However, after the first weekend, I worked, I upgraded to a full start-up of a $300 bag, that I still use. I’ve been dancing for over a year, so money well spent. I may add that all of this is tax deductible, we will get into taxes in another post, but SAVE RECEIPTS for sure!


So it is now it’s go time! Audition bag is ready, you know what times to come in to audition, now let’s talk about what your audition will consist of.
I’ll tell you about my first two auditions :
The first one ( I didn’t get the job): I walked in and asked about Auditioning, was told to go get dress/ready. I went and got dressed and came back to the manager where I was taken to the office and was told I was too fat. (mind you I am 5’4 and weigh 125 lbs, I am not fat, I just didn’t fit into his ideal women look or whatever the case may be)
I got dressed, walked right out of the club…cried in my car…sucked it up and said F*** that guy, and drove to my next choice of club. Since it was already pretty late at night, I wasn’t able to audition that night, but I was interviewed by one of the managers and was told to come back at 3 pm the next day, which was a Friday.
Second time: I arrived a little early, got dressed, chose 2 songs for my audition. The first song, clothes stayed one, second song top comes off. (this is very typical practice where ever you dance in my area) I walked around the pole, lost. But some guy came and tipped me. I walked off stage at the end of my stage set and was approached by both managers and told the man who tipped me never tipped usually, and that I was hired.

The contract

READ EVERY PAGE OF YOUR CONTRACT!! In most cases, you will be an INDEPENDENT contractor. Some very few clubs consider their girls’ employees. You’ll need review what the club expects of you, and what you should expect of them. As well as if there is a model release form. You do not have to sign the model release form. If you choose to do so, you are giving them the right to use your picture while you are in the club as their own. That means they have legal rights to use that photo for their personal use (twitter, facebook, and social media posting and advertisement) If you are trying to keep this secret from your family, this should be a no go.

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Lizzie The Zebra

I must share my excitement with you. I started this blog simply because I went into the sex industry blind like every other girl basically has to. Unless she is a lucky duck and has a dancer friend who is willing to show her the ropes. So here I am, writing my heart out with my knowledge and experiences, hoping to guide you ladies.

In doing so, I have received so many messages of praise. Not only from dancers or aspiring dancers. From women simply trying to feel more confident, sexier for themselves or for their significant other. I am extremely happy to help you feel sexier in your relationship or feel more confident when you go on stage. Whether it is your hundredth time, or very first time dancing for someone.

I am here for you, JUDGEMENT FREE!

I have also expanded beyond my blog and now have started offering lap dancing and pole dancing classes *drum roll please* . . . for MALE & FEMALE!! If you are not in my area *teardrop*, make sure to read my How to Give a Lap Dance to help you learn the basics of a lap dance. I am eventually going to figure out how I can offer online classes to my further distanced friends. (make sure to let me know if your interested, you’ll be the first to know.)

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