Akron City resident in running for Inked Magazine covergirl

An Akron City resident is in the running to become a 2018 Inked Magazine covergirl.
Vote here: Vote for Raylene

Update: Raylene has made it to the second round. But she still needs your help. You can vote once daily. Help Raylene get through the second round.


Twenty-four-year-old Raylene has qualified to be in the running of the Inked Magazine Covergirl Contest. A magazine purely dedicated to everything Raylene immerses  herself in, tattoos, self expression, art, and Raylene’s favorite body piercings. Raylene needs your help with online votes.

Raylene is entered in the MidWest Category, and is facing a couple hundred of young women.

RB (53).jpg
Photographer: Katie of Embrace Boudoir & Glamour (Akron, Oh)

Raylene has lived in Akron, Ohio her whole life and is a mother of three children. She currently works as a body piercer in North Ridgeville at Eclectic Tattoo Co. & Body Piercings.

Recently Raylene was diagnosed with Lupus. – Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body. When she received this devastating news, she decided she would take on her wildest dreams while she still felt able to. Which was modeling. Her goal is to teach her children to keep fighting even when the odds are against you.

Because Raylene believes in speaking things into the universe. When she is chosen as the winner, she will be in the January 2019 cover of Inked Magazine.

When she wins she plans on opening her own tattoo & piercing studio and taking her children on an unforgettable road trip around the United States.

You can vote for Raylene here: Vote for Raylene



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