Shit, My Family Says

Kelley-Family(13)My family is ANYTHING but normal. We are literally always together. If you have been pierced by me or my husband, Craig, you have probably met one of our 3 kids or all of them.

So sitting on my couch today I was laughing thinking about what Craig said to a woman at the park the other day and decided that every Thursday I am going to share “Shit, My Family Says”.

So for our first Thursday of “Shit, My Family Says” I will share with you why I was laughing today. So we recently bought a second vehicle. FINALLY!! We have been a one car family for a little over 3 years now and it has been HARD! Anyway, Craig took the girls to the park after we left the car dealership and I went to work.

Well to be quite honest mothers at the park are a little weirded out when they see a male. I think it’s just our motherly instinct is raised because usually, the mothers are very hands-on, and fathers are at work. Craig & I are very fortunate that our girls are always with one of us, and we can switch off with our work schedule due to working at the same location.
Anyway, you can tell our children are quite the rainbow. We laugh and say it looks like we ran out of toner and then refilled the toner before Winnie was born. If we are ever alone with the girls we are constantly asked “Are they all yours?” and the next thing out of their mouth is “Wow, you were a busy woman/man.”

Well, that is exactly what happened. Craig was asked, “Wow, are they all yours, or are you babysitting?” He answers “Yes, they are all mine & No I am not the babysitter.” And of course, the next thing out of her mouth was “What are their ages?”. Craig responds “6, 3 and 2.” Which then follows the famous answer of “Wow, you were a busy guy.” As the two women snicker. And if you have met my husband, you know how he has absolutely no filter. His response “Yea, their mom is really HOT!” Let’s just say the ladies lost their shit with laughter.




God, I love my husband. But when he does funny shit like this, I love him even more.



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