Let’s Talk Keloids

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Keloids due to piercings are different from the ones that form on the body. Please note that this post is only about keloids that form on piercings.

Keloids typically are found most commonly on ears however, they can be found on any body piercing. They are caused by damage or irritation to the piercing. Some examples include prolonged use of sea salt soaks, forcing your jewelry to spin or move, being allergic to your jewelry (common if you were pierced with surgical stainless steel) and of course not cleaning your piercing.

So now that you have a keloid, how do you get rid of it?

You will need to use hydrocortisone cream and tea tree oil. Alternate between the two every other 4 hours. You will need to stay on this treatment until the keloid has gone away. It WILL take 2 weeks before you start to see the keloid shrink. Keloids do not go away quickly so you will need to be patient.

Stop any & all sea salt soaks, antibacterial soaps, etc. Anything that is UNNATURAL to the body, or that you would not put in your eye…STOP using on your piercing.


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