Should You Twist Your Jewelry?

woman holding cigarette stick wearing red hat and yellow collared button up shirt


You should NEVER twist your jewelry when you are freshly pierced. Even after you are fully healed, you should not twist or play with your jewelry. Imagine being in your car and you twist the steering wheel, while you are not in motion. That nasty noise it makes is what would be going on in your piercing. Forcing your jewelry to move will also put you at high risk of a keloid.

So then when did the whole “Make sure you twist your jewelry” come from? Well back in the day, very cheap porous metal was used to pierce ears. Your skin would actually grow up through that jewelry. Resulting in you needing to twist your earrings so it would not grow through.

However, now you are pierced with high-grade titanium (if you were pierced by me) and there is absolutely no chance your skin would grow through the jewelry.


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