Glowing Moments


temp newbornMy oldest daughter’s 6th birthday recently past. And of course, like any mother on their child’s birthday, I took a moment and looked at her newborn photos. Later on in the day, I thought back to those moments earlier, that I looked at her newborn photos.

I thought “How sad it is, that some women do not have these photos.” All they have are grainy cell phone photos. Of course, they are still loved, but each mother deserves to have those beautiful professional photos.

Had it not of been for my mom, I would not have those photos. And I realize not everyone has an amazing, supportive mother like mine. If you know me, you know I have this dying desire to help people like me. If you’ve just met me recently all you know is that I am happily married, and have 3 beautiful little girls. But you see, I was you.

I was a single, teenage mother. 

And just let me tell you, my pregnancy was NOT easy. I was harassed, led into a depression, and stressed beyond belief. So much to the fact that in May 2012, I tried taking my life. Not once, but twice. Each time the ONLY thing that stopped me was looking down at my growing belly and knowing she deserved more than this. So I did what any mother does. I put my needs aside and pressed on for the growing daughter inside me. She needed me and I was not going to fail.

So you are probably wondering “Why is she telling me all of this?”

Well, because had it not of been for having such a loving and supportive mom. I would not have had those short burst of glowing moments. My mom made sure I had maternity photos and newborn photos. Looking back at that time, that was the only time I felt special. pregnancy temp

Many times single mothers are shamed during their pregnancy and don’t really get a chance to experience all the joys pregnancy offers. Pregnancy is such a beautiful experience and I want you to be able to partake in that beautiful experience.
So I have decided to launch “Glowing Moments” mini sessions.


Sessions are available for single low-income mothers. Glowing moments mini sessions will focus strictly on maternity, fresh 48, and newborn sessions. And because I want to make sure that I am extremely affordable, each session is only $25. (Travel is available within reason. I am local to Akron,OH & North Ridgeville, OH)

family photo

No matter what you are going through right now, I want you to know…You ARE beautiful, you ARE strong, things WILL get better, and the child you are carrying right now WILL be your saving grace.

If you would have told me…I’d meet my loving, amazing husband and my life would forever change for the better, a little over a year and six months after my failed suicide attempt…I would not have believed you.

Have hope, you will get your “Ever After” too!


; you have everything to give right now



To schedule your “Glowing Session” or to speak directly to Raye

Please fill out & submit the form below.


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