Bras & Nipple Piercings

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You just got your nipples pierced and you are telling all your friends about it. They probably gave you the advice of wearing a tight bra so that they won’t hurt. That is completely incorrect and puts you at risk for an infection. Let me explain why.
“About a third of women surveyed said they wash their bras every two weeks — but nearly half of the women surveyed wash them less often than that. (Sports bras are another story. Nearly all the women surveyed wash those after every workout, which seems like a good idea).

A reader poll within the blog post backed this up. The majority of participants (37 percent) said they wash their bras about once a month, while just 7 percent of voters said they wash them after every wear.”

So you’re smashing your new piercings in a disgusting germ-filled bra and your new piercings have absolutely no room to breathe. So you figure “Oh I will just go buy a new one!” Do you understand how dirty those factories are, that they make bra’s in? They are the furthest thing from clean. You should be washing anything you get from the store before you wear it. But let’s be honest, the majority of us do not do that.

Here’s the big kicker in all of this, you SHOULD NOT wear a bra after you get your nipples pierced. PLAIN & SIMPLE! Your piercings need to breathe! You will experience 2-3 days worth of slight discomfort and that is all. Men get their nipples pierced all the time, and they are not instructed to wear a bra during healing time. So why would you?

AND quite frankly if you can’t go with a 2-3 day discomfort from your nipples being sore, you probably just should not get them pierced. Piercings no matter where they are, are a commitment. So if you aren’t going to follow basic hygiene protocol and the best aftercare for your piercing, do not even get pierced.

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