The Truth About Sea Salt & Piercings

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I’m sure a time or two you have been recommended to use sea salt on your fresh piercing to help your new piercing heal. However that is the WRONG information, and let me tell you why.

Do not get me wrong, sea salt can work wonders on infected piercings. But, that is all sea salt is good for. The idea behind using sea salt is to help pull out all the dirt and bad germs from the piercing. However, when you were pierced, your piercing was done in a sterilized area with a sterile needle.

Did you ever notice that after cleaning your piercing with sea salt, it kicked up a lot of crusty goeys and sometimes seemed red and raw, even though you were doing everything correctly? That is because your body kicked up a systemic infection to push back out all the sea salt you put into it. Another thing to think about is, what happens when you put salt on a snail? It loses all its moisture and dies. Your piercing needs healthy skin to heal. Overuse of sea salt will dry out the skin. What likes to hang out in the dead skin? BAD BACTERIA! Then you have an infection on your hands.

So then how do you heal a fresh piercing? My answer to you is hot compresses. Our bodies are made to repair themselves. If I stabbed you, I wouldn’t instruct you to soak your stab wound in sea salt soaks. So why do it for your piercing? Your body is already freaking out because I just stuck a foreign object in it, let’s not confuse it anymore.

By doing strictly just hot compresses (3x a day, 5 minutes each time for the first initial  2 weeks and 2x a day, 5 minutes each for the following 2 weeks), you will notice your piercing will feel better and notice a quicker heal time. You should be ready to switch your jewelry in about a month-month & a half with this recommended aftercare.

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