The Truth About Piercing Guns

15The term “piercing gun” just seems violent and that it is! The thought process behind the piercing gun is that your piercing will be over quickly and there will be little to no pain. In reality, a piercing gun is more painful and you are at a higher risk of infection and not healing.

I get it, people have fears of needles. However, being pierced with a needle is actually just as quick and is healthier for your new piercing.

So let’s talk about the gross part of piercing guns…they CAN NOT be sterilized. Since they are made out of plastic they cannot be autoclaved and fully sanitized. On top of that because they are a “one use” that is… IF they are following that instruction, how often have you heard of the gun jamming and not releasing the earring?

Still pro piercing gun? Did you know that most store employees only watch an 11-minute video on piercing ears? A professional body piercer has a heavily involved apprenticeship lasting anywhere from six months to a year or more before they touch ANYONE.

Although I NEVER endorse being pierced by a piercing gun. NEVER let anyone pierce your nose, cartilage, eyebrow, navel, etc. with a piercing gun. Piercing is not just poking a hole in your body. It’s artistically placing a piece of jewelry that will make you feel beautiful and flow with your anatomy correctly.
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