Say NO to piercing guns. And YES to piercing studios.

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Ear piercings ARE a body modification. They are socially accepted, however that doesn’t change the fact that they are a modification of the body.

Piercing guns cannot be sterilized because they are made of plastic. The plastic would melt in an autoclave, which is what we used to sterilize instruments like needles, jewelry, and any tools we might use during the piercing.

And this information is important because sterilization kills all “viable microorganisms,” while disinfection simply “reduces the number of viable microorganisms.

Each time a shipment is brought in of new jewelry to a professional piercing studio, it is cleaned and then autoclave to remove all viable microorganisms.

Whether a piercing gun is new or not! They CAN NOT be sterilized enough to actually pierce an ear properly & safely. You still run a high risk of infection.

Think of who runs the highest risk of having their health compromised…Children, Infants, and others with low immune systems.

As well as it this being a safety issue. Although earrings appear to be sharp, they are not. They are forcefully rammed through the ear to be pierced. While getting them professionally done, a professional can make a moon shape cut the same size as the jewelry to be placed in the ear. Far less traumatic and as to why a professional piercing will heal properly.

And because we want the safest and less traumatic experience for your child. We recommend you wait until they ask. We want them to know exactly what will be happening to their body, and how to properly take care of their new piercings.

We WILL NOT do the procedure unless your child can verbally consent.

-The Kelley’s your Professional Body Piercers at Eclectic Tattoo Co. & Body Piercings.



Contact the piercer to discuss further questions you may have in the contact section below:



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