How Much Does A Stripper Make


We’ve all heard strippers make BANK! But no one ever really likes to spit numbers to clarify what BANK really means. Well here is the brutal honest truth. Exotic dancers aren’t making nearly what they use to make. No matter where you live, at least in the United States, that statement is true.
Nights, where dancers would a grand or more, aren’t that often anymore. Of course, everyone has pride issues when you ask them and exaggerates how much they’ve actually made.  Places in higher populated areas, of course, have made more than a grand, however, not places where the population isn’t all that great.

So lets cut to the chase of why you’re really reading this post. Dancers sometimes cannot even afford to pay their rent, their car note, or their basic utility bills. Whether you like it or not dancing is a business. You are a business owner when you are a dancer. Manage your money wisely.

Some nights you will make $250 low end or up to $700+. Keep in mind those are really good nights and usually result from getting lucky, or you’ve built a solid regular clientele. For example, I use to work 2-4 days maximum and I brought home what my husband made in two weeks, in one week.

Not everyone has the same results. The best advice I can give you is read through my exotic dancer blogs. You don’t have to be the best dancer, most attractive, have the biggest ass/boobs to make an excellent living being a dancer. It’s all about your personality and how you speak to people.

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