Beach Booty Approved Squat Challenge

While scrolling through Facebook one evening I came across a BuzzFeed post. The post was a video of,¬† I believe three employees of BuzzFeed participating in a 30 day, 100 squats challenge. I thought “100 squats!! What the hell. That sounds like pure torture!!” Well, I kept watching the video to see the results at the end and there was an inch difference in one of the girl’s butts. Each participant noticed a nice difference in such a short challenge.

So I started the challenge because umm who doesn’t want an extra inch of a nice firm booty! But like a dummy, I didn’t take before pictures. But I did remember to take measurements to be able to see the difference. I will update this post each Monday¬†evening to show the progress for the next four weeks.

What is The Challenge Exactly?

So to break the challenge down for you. It is literally just 100 squats a day. No breaks. For 30 consecutive days. You can and I encourage you to break up the squats into smaller increments when you first start. 100 is a huge number. Hell, even 30 sounded like a huge number when I first thought about squat challenges. But you can do this and it actually becomes fun! Don’t start tomorrow, start today!


Challenge Time

I started this challenge last Monday. (2/12/18)

My beginning measurements were; 36 inches (booty) 22 inches (each thigh)

My measurements as of Monday (2/19/2018) are; 38 inches (booty) 22.2 inches (right thigh) 22.5 (left thigh)

Reflections on this week’s results:


I’m a little confused on my measurements. I know for a fact they are correct since I checked several times and measured my booty in different places to see if maybe I had messed up. My only conclusion is because I have a pretty decent size butt, to begin with, that the start of this challenge just lifted what I already had.

I was pretty excited within this week’s progress though. When I first started I would for 4 sets of 25 throughout the day. I can now do 60 consecutive and then break up the last 40!

For recovery during the week since this challenge has no breaks. Drink a lot of water and pineapple juice. Try to complete your daily challenge no later than 6pm each night. That gives you time to ‘walk it off’. I’ve also found that stretching and doing basic yoga poses have helped tremendously in not being super sore the next day.

I will update my results next week 2/26/2018

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