Whisper Confessions from Strippers

Ugh, body shaming. Unfortunately, this happens a lot. Whether you are a bigger girl or smaller. Not everyone will like your looks and unfortunately our job centers around our looks. You’ll need to build tough skin if you choose to stay in this industry.

This is why the important 3 songs rule is so important. If your customer hasn’t bought a dance from you after you have sat there for 3 songs, move on. Either you aren’t his type or he has no cash to spend. Both are a waste of your time.

Ahh. Most people only hear the positive of making so much money but forget there is a downfall. Some nights you can come in and make a grand or a couple hundred. The next night you may not even make your house fee back. Dancing in a way is similar to gambling. You make win or you may lose.

Which is exactly why I made this blog. Everyone thinks dancing is easy, quick money. It may be quick money, but it sure as shit is not easy!

This hits close to home, personally. This is why I waited to dance for as long as I did. Do you know how much money I missed out on? How many times I struggled hard trying to do an hourly job. Never again. Do what makes you happy! If you want to dance, go shake that ass!

Many women posted they made $60, $670, $140 and $77 after house fees. I made $900 my first weekend, after house fees. Don’t be surprised if you make less than $100 or more. It’s just how this industry works.

This irritates me to no end. It is you that got naked or semi-nude! Not the DJ. They are paid hourly regardless if it’s a shitty night. You are not required to give them anything (unless stated in your contract)! Which is why it is super important to read your contract before signing.

This! Guys realize dancers are creating a fantasy for you. You are paying for our time. It’s not like you got lost in the damn land of Oz and walked into a strip club not knowing what goes on in there. If you aren’t looking to spend some money, just tell the dancer. We are more likely to talk to you and come back when we aren’t busy, rather than you wasting our time.


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