Creating a Sexy Look on a Budget


pexels-photo-218679.jpegEven if you have never been lingerie shopping you can kind of guess it is expensive. I mean come on, look at how much a basic bra is from Victoria Secret. So as a dancer it can be impractical to spend $70+ on a nice lingerie set. Or if you are just getting this for a one-night occasion, that can be an ungodly amount.

Let us discuss some ways to look sexy, and not break the bank. I am talking $20 and under styles. Yes!! I said $20 and under!! Most of the time, my outfits ran less than $10. Because let’s be honest all lingerie is made shitty and if I am paying for shitty quality and I expect cheap prices.

Now, this option is completely up to you but thrift store it baby!! I find lingerie sets ALL THE TIME with tags on them!! SCORE!! I still wash them when I get home of course. Now it would be pointless to just show you these outfits laid out. So I tried them all on for you. These are taken with my phone because to be quite honest…If I did this with my camera, and all these outfit changes and editing…you would not get this post for 2 weeks.



sexy on buget


Outfit one; Blue dress shirt (goodwill) $4, White stockings (local adult store) $4,  – Complete outfit $8

Outfit two; School outfit (Tmart) $5 w/ free shipping, White stockings (already owned) – Complete outfit $5

Outfit three; Robe with sash (Tmart) $4 w/ free shipping – Complete outfit $4

Outfit four; Red lace bra (Burlington) $6, Garter belt (eBay) $4, black stockings (local adult store) $4 – Complete outfit $14

Outfit five; Blue Victoria Secret Babydoll (village discount) $4 – Complete outfit $4


Simple Tips

  1. Always keep multi-colored plain thongs, or underwear. Whatever you fancy. They will be your go to’s when you are creating a new look.
  2. Buy garter belts. Most adult stores have them for $10 and under (even for bigger girls) and eBay sells them cheap as well.
  3. Buy multiple sets of stockings. Just basic ones, you’ll end up ruining them the second or third time you wear them.
  4. Remember showing less skin can be sexy, do not be afraid to only allow a small peak of skin to show


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