Creating a Home Gym on a Budget

pexels-photo-221247.jpegBe real, we all want gym memberships because we all want to escape home at least one time a day for other social interaction or for something to do. But even with affordable $10 memberships there comes the problem of finding a sitter for most of us. And if a sitter isn’t a problem, your work schedule can be hectic. Adding an additional drive time to and from the gym and the time spent there really doesn’t sound appealing. But how do you build an affordable at home gym that won’t break the bank, and is easily stored away?

One store…5 BELOW!!

5 below is seen as a dollar store for teenagers and young adults. If you have never been, I definitely suggest you go. With the help of 5 Below I created an in-home gym for the price of $35.

What I Purchased

  1. Yoga Mat
  2. 8 lb toning ball
  3. Balance Board
  4. Booty Toner
  5. Yoga Strap
  6. 1 Pack of Resistance Bands (3 in box)
  7. Push Up Bars
  8. Thigh Toner

Now I was very skeptical when I ran across the fitness section. I did not take it that seriously. But for $5 and under for each product, I said ” Screw it. If it doesn’t work I will just laugh it off.”

I began working out 30 minutes a day with just 5 below products. I was pretty shocked to see they were actually working and I did feel a little sore after my workouts. Too much to my surprise I googled some of the products and found many other outlets selling ‘look a likes’ for $9+. So my overall review is SCORE!! Get that beach bod before summer for next to nothing!! Save those gym memberships for spending money on the beach!


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