Pshycological Effects of Being An Exotic Dancer


No matter how much money you make at a job, you will end up with bad days. So what happens when those bad days become every day and your starting to realize the psychological effects your job is having on you. Is it time to quit, switch careers, or just suck it up.

If your profession was anything besides an exotic dancer, those would all be logical options. But on the other hand, you’re a dancer and 10-1 you’re going to slip into the same dark spot you are now. Whether you switch clubs or you stay in the same spot, this problem will not fix itself. This means quitting would be your only sound option and that would be the end of your dancing days. If you aren’t ready to give up dancing yet, that can be scary.

My simple advice is to take a break. They are going to be your best friend. Even if it’s for just a week. If you get really good at your job then you are putting on a show every night and pretending to be someone your not. And that is extremely mentally exhausting. And with this job, your mood directly affects your income and if you’ve had several bad nights in a row, that could be really bad financial troubles coming.

And let’s face it, making barely anything some days can be super stressful. That doesn’t help the situation at all. I always found if I was worried about money, money did not come. But if I was careless and had a really good amount in my bank account, money just kept flowing in.

Aside from pretending all the time and the obvious money woahs. Dancers usually give off this different vibe when we are casually hanging with friends. We got so good at taking peoples money or making it so they always say yes, this can be a downfall in your intimate relationships. Without knowing it, we can easily pressure our family and friends into things they might not necessarily agree with.

It sounds crazy and you’re probably thinking “No I do not do that!”. But think of it like this, you are talking people into spending their whole paycheck in a matter of 3-6 hours without trying that hard. If you want something, do you see where you would automatically switch into that role without realizing? In a way, it becomes second nature to us dancers. This can put a devastating negative impact on your most intimate relationships. As they could end up feeling that they continuously do for you but where is your return of the favors.

Which in turn you must ask yourself “Is it worth it? Is it worth the emotional stress of money? The constant upkeep of your second life. Not slipping on the fake story you created. Is it worth upsetting your friends and family unintentionally?”.

My final advice to you is: “If you aren’t happy more than 70-80% at least at your job at all times, then leave. No matter the occupation. However, if it is dancing, most definitely leave. If even for just a year. In that year you have time to rejuvenate yourself and dancing will be a whole new experience for you. You’ll be more accepting of the bad paydays and appreciate the really good days. Although there is always asshole customers, you will be able to handle them better. Pretending will always be apart of the job unfortunately but you’ll be better equipt to handle it. So take the year break, learn from your first psychological woah, and if or when the dark place comes back…make sure to walk away for good. Dancers have a high chance of turning to drugs during those dark days and let’s avoid that.


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