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About three to four months ago there was a huge craze over premium snapchat. The simple break down is premium snap is a new way to webcam without going through a site. You are requesting a member of your personal snap to pay a “premium” to be added to your “private story” which would include your “naughties”. As well as offering “privates with you”

How To Make a Premium SnapChat

You actually have a few options.

  1. Create a whole new story and only let certain people into that story. Which would be your paid subscribers.
  2. Create a whole new snapchat. Depending on how you plan to market your snap will depend on how you would need to set up your new snapchat.


Pros & Cons of Option One

The first con is pretty obvious. Since it’s on your personal page EVERYONE would know what you are doing. If you’re okay with that, I actually recommend this option. It is easier to advertise, and you are not juggling between two different snaps or two different phones. Make sure if this is your option you turn off your visibility on the map.

Pros & Cons of Option Two

This option actually gets really complicated. There are some really good positives though. One is that you can remain anonymous, which is a huge plus. (No one you personally know, would know what you’re doing.)

Here is where it gets a little more complicated. When it comes to advertising you can not advertise on your page (if this is a secret), so you can only share your code with people who are interested in purchasing. Which is really hard to market. The easiest way I found was advertising on my personal snapchat with the snapcode and then posting my snapcode on ghost codes.

I had to set up my snap to have a secret story (for premium members) and a “G’ rated normal story to entice people to purchase my “premium”. Which proved to be a lot of work. In the long run, if I ever did this again, I would just use my personal snap.

On top of those complications snap eventually started to lock me out of either my personal or “premium” snap. I was not willing to lose my personal snap, so I lost my “premium snap”. If you plan on actually working this for a full-time job (which is completely possible) use your personal account.

Pricing Your Premium SnapChat

This gets difficult because of competition. Like everything else, you have to remain competitive. This is where this sucks since this is basically webcaming people will expect “webcaming” prices (WHICH SUCK!!). I came across some girls offering a year worth of access to their premium for $75. Mind you if you put out one photo a day, that is selling that photo at $0.27. YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN THAT!!

As an example, I sold my premium snap membership at $20 for starters. I sold privates starting at $75  for 10 minutes and would run specials that if you booked within the hour I’d discount a 10-minute session to $50. (I made a part-time workers wage without leaving my house and maybe an investment of 3 hours within the month of actually working)

Handling Customers

Primarily your customers will be men. Being in the sex industry, or if you are just starting out (NEWS FLASH) men are rude. They will try to negotiate with you, like everything else. Stick to your guns and DO NOT agree to a “preview”.

Remain professional at all times because this is a business. In the same breath, do not be afraid to tell someone “NO” if you are uncomfortable with something.

Processing Payment

I used two methods. I used paypal for personal people I knew. For people that I did not know I used business paypal and changed my paypal to my username, so my actual name was not ever shown.

The second option is to use snapcash. I did not ever have a problem with snapcash, however, I did read reviews of people having issues. On top of that, a lot of snap users do not even know what snap cash is, or how to send it.

Premium SnapChat Vs. Web Cam Sites

There are a shit ton of sites out there to choose from. The positives of those sites are they pay you and keep everything private. Plus they have a huge traffic flow. However, that means a lot more competition. On top of that, you also have to account for you will be paid webcam girl prices. Even worse, you will not ever be notified if someone screenshots you, or records what you do.

SnapChat attracted me because of knowing who is recording and screenshotting. They would be blocked, and no refund. I was clear on this from the start, so I really did not run into this problem. I did kind of go over the cons of snap as to personal issues. Aside from that, you will not have heavy traffic. You are solely responsible for creating your own traffic. Postive though, you keep all the profits!!

Is Premium Snap For You

Mostly women who run these accounts are either exotic dancers or cam girls. They are comfortable with showing their bodies. So ultimately it comes down to, are you okay with the thought someone may record their session, and just the plain fact you are showing your body. I personally find the naked body beautiful and fascinating. Basically an art form. But again, it is all up to you.


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  1. Im new to this whole premium thing . I’m 19 , never danced and I’m interested in making one. Could you please email me regusrding how to be successful and get started ? Tomorrow I will be getting a card debit or credit idk but I will be getting one with money on it . So yea, I’m that far back. Please get back to me and let me know I’m really tying to see what I can get from this new edition.


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