Budget Friendly Beauty

So let’s talk beauty products! As a dancer, you are going to go through a shit ton of makeup, hair care, skin care, and anything beauty. Let’s be real, even though it can be written off when you file your taxes, no one wants to shell out loads of money. We also do not want to go the cheap route with drugstore products. I mean have you read those ingredients? YIKES! Yea there are some brands that are ok or have come a long way, but still, you really do get what you pay for. So what is the golden answer to “How do I get high-end makeup, but nonexpensive?” SUBSCRIPTION BOXES! There is a whole collection of them to choose from. Here are my favorites:


Play! By Sephora

  • $10 a month (This purchase goes towards your point count on your Sephora rewards)
  • Makeup & Beauty Products
  • 50 point rewards card
  • 5 items, plus a bonus beauty bonus

Some downfalls of Play! By Sephora are:

  • You have to bring the 50 point card in and purchase something to receive your points. However, that can be a good thing if you were in love with one of the products they sent you.
  • You will only be sent trial size products.
  • Not customizable

You can subscribe here:


 ipsy 2


  • $10 a month
  • Full & Trial Size
  • Makeup & Beauty
  • 10%-30% Cash Back on purchases
  • Customizable
  • Loyalty program to earn additional freebies

The only downfall I have ever had with Ipsy had to do with shipping, and they actually updated me on the situation before I even had to message them.

You can subscribe here:



  • $10 a month
  • Women & Men friendly
  • Hair, Skincare, Makeup, and Fragrances
  • Loyalty Program
  • Ship full-size products for free with your next monthly box
  • Trial Size products

As I just signed up for BirchBox, I do not have any of the downfalls yet. I will update when I receive my first box.

Until Monday (1/22/2017 you can get two boxes for the price of one when you purchase your first box! The WHOLE reason I even bought the box. Use code DOUBLEFUN at check out) You can subscribe here:


Play! By Sephora Vs. Ipsy

play 2

In my opinion, Ipsy is the overall winner. I am in love with being able to customize my profile for what products may be best for me. I mean who really wants something they will not use, even if it is a sample size. Ipsy also gives a mixture of full and trial size which is nice.

I also use Ipsy’s cash back option quite a lot, and it is a HUGE money saver. A major key factor to me liking Ipsy so much is they continuously send me makeup brushes. A girl can never have enough brushes. As well as their bags they send, make cute clutches.

Other Money Saving Options

You could always get jobs at Ulta, Sephora, or any other makeup stores. They are known for giving great discounts and incentives to their employees. Personally, I have always gone with the option to just sell it myself. There are countless makeup companies out there like Mary Kay, Avon, and Younique. Each has their ups and downs. But if you are just using to get discounted makeup, they are the best route to go. Plus if you are a dancer, you can sell to your fellow dancers.  If you’d like to sign up with any of those three listed, comment interest with which company.

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