Period Talk

Don’t we all just love shark week? The week we would rather just crawl up into a ball with our heating pad, some chocolate and sleep the week away. That would be fantastic! Although you are an independently contracted, meaning you most likely will not have any “bad strikes” against you for calling off. Unless you’re one of those super lucky bitches that is an employee, missing a week’s worth of wages is not a good idea for obvious reasons. So let’s go over tips and tricks to hide that you’re on your period while dancing.


 Tampons will be your best friend for obvious reasons. Most of us have a love-hate relationship with the damn things. But in this situation, it is really one of the few options that we have to work with. Whether you’re dancing nude or you leave your thong on will be a huge difference in how you will hide your period.

Nude Dancing

You’ll want to put in your tampon like you regularly would, but then take scissors and cut the string to where you feel comfortable. Just key points to remember here are that you do not want it to fall out and you want to be able to retrieve the tampon when you need to refresh. Toxic shock syndrome is a real thing! So make sure you are setting an alarm, telling one of your friends to remind you about your tampon, or something. It is totally easy to forget you have something in when you are running around doing dance, after dance, after dance. And then when you are able to refresh again, it has been 6-8 hours, and that is if you remember to take it out when you’re ready to leave for home. Anyway, you can tell how quickly this idea could go wrong.

Topless Dancing

Since you will only be taking off your top and leaving on your thong, you have a little bit more “hiding room” to work with. My favorite trick is, and in my opinion, the best safety precaution to avoid toxic shock syndrome involves tape!
Insert your tampon like you regularly would, but instead of cutting it, you’re going to pull the string up between your labia, and use tape to secure (ONLY if you are clean shaven, or small stubble). If not, the string will stay in place with placing it just between your labia. I feel because this gives you a visual when you undress and see the white string, you are more likely to remember to pull the tampon out. Always either put a reminder on your phone or tell a friend to remind you just in case.

Selecting The Right Tampons

If you are not a fan of tampons and you usually do not use them, selecting the right absorbance and brand can be quite the hassle. In my personal experience, not all tampons are made the same! You know your body better than anyone, so you’ll typically be able to go off of your normal flow. While dancing you will want to do the same. Just remember that the larger the absorbancy, the less time you should be leaving the tampon in. Toxic shock syndrome becomes a higher risk the larger the absorbancy. This information can be found right on any tampon box.
Lastly, try the organic route. As I learned last year, menstrual napkins and tampons are not regulated. Meaning the companies can put anything inside them and not tell you. Often times tampons are bleached for that white color and you then unknowingly absorb that toxin.
It may just be me, but I noticed a huge difference in my cycle and cramps when I made the switch — no cramps and lighter bleeding. This is huge to me because, after three children, I felt like death. The best part about organic is they are the SAME PRICE and better quality.  Many different brands can be found at Target, Amazon, and through subscription boxes (my preferred method).

Other Methods

Now as you all know there are menstrual cups, reusable pads and now underwear that are period proof. I have not tried a menstrual cup, so I can not speak on how practical it would be for dancing. If you have though, I would love to hear how it worked for you!
Things like pads and period underwear cannot be used for obvious reasons, unfortunately. However, there is one home remedy I have tried and successfully worked.
Take three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar per done to either lighten a heavy flow or to stop your period early. 
I recommend only using this method in an emergency. I am not too sure the long-term effects of continuously using this method is. However, I have read that you should take two teaspoons per day when you aren’t on your cycle. The taste was absolutely awful so I will not be doing that.

Save a fellow dancer, sister, friend, from the embarrassment of shark week while dancing and share this article!! Give it a star if you found it useful.

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