Magnetic Lashes, Read before you buy

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One of the hottest new trends in makeup right now is magnetic lashes. Supposively they are easier and quicker to apply, rather than fake lashes. Price ranges anywhere from about $4 on the cheap end, to $60+ on the higher end.

Now I have heard a lot about these lashes, and naturally, I did a lot of research on them. Obviously, if there is some time to be saved in my makeup routine, I want to save it! Upon my first initial research I read they were a complete no go, and for the price back then at the time, they did not have cheaper options. So I said screw that idea.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday, I was browsing on Sally Beauty’s website and saw that Ardell had magnetic lashes. If you aren’t familiar with Ardell lashes, they are typically pretty good quality and a reasonable price.  The price listed was $12.99. I usually pay $13-$30 for a pair of lashes, so I said: “Screw it I will try them.”

My Experience

Right from the beginning, they were a struggle. I struggled for a good 30 minutes because I am one of those I want it directly on my lash line. Also part of my struggle was that there is a trick of getting them to stay on better with wearing mascara. Which is not said in the instructions, I had to reference YouTube for that trick. Huge turn off alert! I do not like mascara at all, which is why I am a fake lashes fan. On top of that if this is to be easier than false lashes, why all the hidden tips, and tricks. The advertisement makes it seem like it is a flawless application.

Now for how they fit on my eye line. Usually, you are able to cut lashes to fit your eyelash line better. However, since these have magnets on them, you can not cut them or you lose a magnet. I typically do not have to cut my lashes but in this case, these pairs did not fit well and I wish it could have, been an option so I could achieve my desired look. They ended up sticking well on one end, but then created a large gap on the other side.

Apart from not fitting correctly, and being too far from my lash line to my liking, they did stay on all day. They did seem to move a little and are a bit heavier than what I am used to. In all honesty, my eyelids actually hurt when I removed them, because of the weight.

Overall Opinion (Yay! or Nah!)

Beginner User-Friendly – No

In my opinion, you are better off learning with glue and a good set of lashes. (Tip, do not use the glue that comes with lashes, duo is my preferred glue)

Would I recommend to a friend – NO!!

The only person I would recommend these lashes to is an exotic dancer. Now stick with me for this one. When a dancer goes to work, we know the floor is going to be dark. Meaning no one is going to be able to tell you to have that gap between your lash line. Only use on your lazy days though.

Reasonably Prices – Yes

These were between my typical budget, so no harm when they didn’t work out.

Would I buy again – HELL NO

Just learn how to use lashes and glue, seriously. These have more tips, and tricks to get these to work than applying false lashes.

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  1. I’ve just learnt how to put on falsies now takes me 10 minutes lol.. I thought the magnetic ones would be easy but they sound hard 😦 Once i’m more comfortable putting falsies on with glue I’ll try these next 🙂 Great review Thank you for sharing.
    I would love for you to check out my latest post and blog xx


    1. I think I use to take me 3 tries will lashes before I was comfortable with what they looked like. I tried hard for about a week and now can apply them in under 20 seconds (with time for glue to dry). Just keep practicing and you will get it. (: & Thank you! I will definitely check out your blog. & By the way, you are absolutely beautiful and so are your children in your profile picture.

      Liked by 1 person

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