How to Become an Exotic Dancer, Part Three

So you’ve worked your first night in the club now, and everything went pretty smoothly. Why? Well, because you’ve been following my steps to at least get you comfortable, at least with the idea of how things would go. If you have not read part one and part two, please take the time to do so before venturing further. Also, make sure to read How to Give a Lap Dance, because who just does not want to learn how to be even sexier for their partner, or for when you dance in the mirror for your eyes only.

The Dressing Room


First and foremost, bring a lock with you! Girls WILL steal your things if left out. It is sad but true. I usually put my lock on the handle of my bag that I carry, to and from work. I hardly ever leave my belongings in my locker at work.

The key to the dressing room and to be in and out.  The longer you are surrounded by all females, the more likely you will become involved in drama, the butt of someone’s joke, or just hearing some things you really do not care to hear. (And yes it will happen, being the quiet one I learned TOO much about people.)

The best advice I can give you for dealing with the females in the dressing room is, be kind and speak when spoken to. The majority of them aren’t your friends. The moment you make more than them, they will turn on you. I’m willing to be kind and courteous to anyone because you know sometimes we will be dancing for a customer together. The second I find out something is said, no more helping that person out. I’d say there definitely is an art to it, because you will make more money in pairs, believe it or not. Just find the right buddy to hustle with.

You’ll want to pretty much come ready to work, meaning having your hair and makeup already done. However, as we all know, that isn’t really possible sometimes. Just try to as much as possible. Another reason to be in and out though, some clubs have house fees that charge you when you get done getting ready. So you may have arrived at 8pm and your house fee would have been $20, but you spent an hour or two getting ready and just checked in at 10pm, your house fee is now $40.



In your dancing career, you will meet all types of people. You will dance for couples, single men, married men, a group of girls just wanting to have a good time. And with most of those people, the conversations will be effortless, and you will genuinely have a great time. However the other side of things is, we do not always like everyone we cross paths with. This is where your ‘fake customer service’ comes out.

Your looks got the customers attention, now you have to sell them with your mind. This is how you will create regulars, and have a steady flow of money coming in. The main thing you must remember is, you are selling a fantasy. Does he want the girlfriend experience, is he more looking for conversation as a friend, or does he want to discuss his sexual fantasies with you?

What I found always worked for me was befriending everyone I met first. You want to start off with basic questions, but avoid the interview approach. Introduce yourself, ask him where he grew up. Most customers are traveling, but if he gives you a local spot then you know you need to work on bringing him back to the club. If he is traveling, this opens up more ways to talk and get deeper into the conversation.

Now if he is traveling, I would give it about three songs of conversation and ask if he’d like a dance. Since he is traveling, you should be more about the hustle and not really be befriending at that point. You will be there all night if you do not get to the point of selling a dance and will have wasted your time.

If he answered that he lives locally this is where you are going to want to find out his hobbies, or that one thing you have in common. If you can find one thing you have in common. One, the conversation is going to come easy, and two, it is something you can revisit when they come back.  Make sure during the whole conversation you are smiling, and laughing when appropriate. Stray away from any sensitive topics such as politics. Now since he is more likely to become a regular, I would give him a little more time for the casual talk. After we ended a good conversation is when I would ask if he’d like a dance or to continue talking in private (VIP room). My time limit for that is at max, five songs have passed.

Psychological Effects


Now having read the above posts, you can see where working in this industry can be very mentally draining. Since you are continually selling someone else’s fantasy, you are constantly playing ‘pretend’. Which can be fun at first, but it gets old in about six months. Make sure you are not overdoing things, and take mental breaks when needed.

We will go over more of the psychological effects of dancing in my posts to follow. But I did want to give a heads up about it. If you’ve found this post helpful, please give it a star and leave me some comments. I love to hear from you all.


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