How to Perform a Sexy Pole Dance (Beginner Friendly)

If you haven’t read,  How to be an Exotic Dancer, Part One you’ll want to read it, if you are serious about entering the dancer life. However, if you are here to learn how to give a sexy pole dance, watch these videos below.



So you have gotten hired into the club you were hoping for. First off, Congratulations. I hope that reading How to Give a Lap Dance made you more comfortable with giving your first lap dance. But now it is time to learn how to perform a sexy pole/stage routine, to help increase your income.

Spicing up The Bedroom:

An erotic pole dance is a great way to spice up things up in the bedroom. The thing most women struggle with is finding the confidence to do a dance. It’s not lack of self-confidence really, it all comes down to we all feel awkward trying something new, and the fact that we know all eyes will be on us, makes most people have anxiety about the situation. Just know, you are sexy enough, you are beautiful, and you CAN do this. Your significant other loves you the way YOU are, and there is nothing better than a confident YOU.

The Dance

Below I will post the links to three different videos. Watch all three to give the best diversity to your dancing. You may find something that you like and be able to try it and hook it the first time. Or you may find something a little too different for you for the first time, but you could work on it, and OWN it down the road.

  1. A beginners dance for an entertainer
  2. How I dance while I am working in a club
  3. How I would give a private only show (for my husband)

I will add that I do try to keep everything pretty simple in all dances that I do. Most dancers do not receive workers comp, so remember that when trying the crazier side of things when dancing. I usually save my crazy pole tricks for my home studio and sometimes even post them on my Instagram and SnapChat, so make sure you are following me to make sure you do not miss when I do post them.

Video 1


Video 2


Video 3


If you found this information useful, make sure to share. As always make sure you follow me on all social media platforms to keep up with me when I am not blogging. I love answering all your questions. And as always anonymous questions can be left at;

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**Please note: I do not own the music used in these videos.



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