How to Give a Lap Dance

 Whether you’re looking to spice up your current relationship, or need help learning how to give a lap dance,  these simple steps will have your partner/customer begging for more.


Step One:

Select a song that you know well if selecting your song is not an option find the slowest beat. I usually try to go with every other beat if it’s a fast song. If you need me to explain that further, you can always message me on any of my social media accounts.

Step Two:

Find an outfit that you feel absolutely the BOMB.COM in! It could be their favorite shirt and some thigh highs. Anything that brings out your confidence is key.

Step Three:

Tell your partner/customer, absolutely no touching (it drives them WILD). Start out the dance by slowly caressing your body, and make sure you make eye contact, and smile. You are in control! Establishing dominance is a real turn on for most.

Step Four:

Don’t start stripping down right away. Unless you are an exotic dancer, I give about 10 seconds and then turn around and remove my top, still not letting them see me until I turn back. It’s a great way to playfully tease.

Step Five:

Now, this is where you are really going to get into it with your moves. Start getting closer, but just far away to where you are barely brushing against them. Again this will drive them insane, but it’s such a great tease. Now, this is important, start looking for what move drives them the most insane. You will feel, or hear their breathing change. When you have found that move and the song, is coming to an end, make sure that is the last move you do. If your an exotic dancer, more than likely, they are going to want another dance.

Below is a video to give a demonstration of how I give a lap dance. What works for me, may not work for you. However, it is good to see how everyone else moves and to take small bits and pieces to try on your own. Each lap dance I give is completely different. For instance, if I am giving a regular floor dance, I am not going to be as into it as I am in the video link below.

*Warning: I am wearing boy shorts and a sports bra, if this attire offends you, I suggest not watching the video. Also, the man in the video is my darling husband.  ***I also do not own the rights to this music***

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-Lizzie The Zebra



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