Lizzie The Zebra

I must share my excitement with you. I started this blog simply because I went into the sex industry blind like every other girl basically has to. Unless she is a lucky duck and has a dancer friend who is willing to show her the ropes. So here I am, writing my heart out with my knowledge and experiences, hoping to guide you ladies.

In doing so, I have received so many messages of praise. Not only from dancers or aspiring dancers. From women simply trying to feel more confident, sexier for themselves or for their significant other. I am extremely happy to help you feel sexier in your relationship or feel more confident when you go on stage. Whether it is your hundredth time, or very first time dancing for someone.

I am here for you, JUDGEMENT FREE!

I have also expanded beyond my blog and now have started offering lap dancing and pole dancing classes *drum roll please* . . . for MALE & FEMALE!! If you are not in my area *teardrop*, make sure to read my How to Give a Lap Dance to help you learn the basics of a lap dance. I am eventually going to figure out how I can offer online classes to my further distanced friends. (make sure to let me know if your interested, you’ll be the first to know.)

So hit that link below ladies

Sign Up for Classes


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