About Me

                  RB (53)

   I’m Raye, a 24-year-old woman lost in her own little world. I am a person of many trades & hobbies that include photography, piercing, singing, beauty influenster, hobbyist model, and blogging. On top of my hobbies and trades, I am a wife & mother. So you can tell I keep busy.

I’m anything but your average woman. I’m extremely knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics. But I am also extremely down to earth and an open-minded person. Most days you will find me in sweatpants and a hair tie…totally momming it. And I am completely ok with that, as should you be if that is your day to day life. Momming it is beautiful.

Piercing Life


I have been in the body modification world since 2013. Within that industry, I met my wonderful husband, Craig. Who happens to be an amazing piercer. Currently, when I am not blogging, I am poking holes with him at Eclectic Tattoo Co. & Body Piercings. Our piercing work can be found on our Youtube channel at Kelley Piercings & More. We currently were ranked in the top 30 piercing youtube channels.


Basic Aftercare for Piercings

Say NO to piercing guns. And YES to piercing studios.

Do you suffer from anxiety? There is a piercing for that!


mercedes -21

Photography has always been a passion of mine since I was in high school. I became a mother at a young age and obviously had other priorities. So my hobby got pushed to the side. Well now that my children are a little older and we have been able to provide a better quality of living through hard work in the piercing industry, I was able to get back into my passion.

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