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I must share my excitement with you. I started this blog simply because I went into the sex industry blind like every other girl basically has to. Unless she is a lucky duck and has a dancer friend who is willing to show her the ropes. So here I am, writing my heart out with my knowledge and experiences, hoping to guide you ladies.

In doing so, I have received so many messages of praise. Not only from dancers or aspiring dancers. From women simply trying to feel more confident, sexier for themselves or for their significant other. I am extremely happy to help you feel sexier in your relationship or feel more confident when you go on stage. Whether it is your hundredth time, or very first time dancing for someone.

I am here for you, JUDGEMENT FREE!

I have also expanded beyond my blog and now have started offering lap dancing and pole dancing classes *drum roll please* . . . for MALE & FEMALE!! If you are not in my area *teardrop*, make sure to read my How to Give a Lap Dance to help you learn the basics of a lap dance. I am eventually going to figure out how I can offer online classes to my further distanced friends. (make sure to let me know if your interested, you’ll be the first to know.)

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Beach Booty Approved Squat Challenge

While scrolling through Facebook one evening I came across a BuzzFeed post. The post was a video of,  I believe three employees of BuzzFeed participating in a 30 day, 100 squats challenge. I thought “100 squats!! What the hell. That sounds like pure torture!!” Well, I kept watching the video to see the results at the end and there was an inch difference in one of the girl’s butts. Each participant noticed a nice difference in such a short challenge.

So I started the challenge because umm who doesn’t want an extra inch of a nice firm booty! But like a dummy, I didn’t take before pictures. But I did remember to take measurements to be able to see the difference. I will update this post each Monday evening to show the progress for the next four weeks.

What is The Challenge Exactly?

So to break the challenge down for you. It is literally just 100 squats a day. No breaks. For 30 consecutive days. You can and I encourage you to break up the squats into smaller increments when you first start. 100 is a huge number. Hell, even 30 sounded like a huge number when I first thought about squat challenges. But you can do this and it actually becomes fun! Don’t start tomorrow, start today!


Challenge Time

I started this challenge last Monday. (2/12/18)

My beginning measurements were; 36 inches (booty) 22 inches (each thigh)

My measurements as of Monday (2/19/2018) are; 38 inches (booty) 22.2 inches (right thigh) 22.5 (left thigh)

Reflections on this week’s results:


I’m a little confused on my measurements. I know for a fact they are correct since I checked several times and measured my booty in different places to see if maybe I had messed up. My only conclusion is because I have a pretty decent size butt, to begin with, that the start of this challenge just lifted what I already had.

I was pretty excited within this week’s progress though. When I first started I would for 4 sets of 25 throughout the day. I can now do 60 consecutive and then break up the last 40!

For recovery during the week since this challenge has no breaks. Drink a lot of water and pineapple juice. Try to complete your daily challenge no later than 6pm each night. That gives you time to ‘walk it off’. I’ve also found that stretching and doing basic yoga poses have helped tremendously in not being super sore the next day.

I will update my results next week 2/26/2018

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Whisper Confessions from Strippers

Ugh, body shaming. Unfortunately, this happens a lot. Whether you are a bigger girl or smaller. Not everyone will like your looks and unfortunately our job centers around our looks. You’ll need to build tough skin if you choose to stay in this industry.

This is why the important 3 songs rule is so important. If your customer hasn’t bought a dance from you after you have sat there for 3 songs, move on. Either you aren’t his type or he has no cash to spend. Both are a waste of your time.

Ahh. Most people only hear the positive of making so much money but forget there is a downfall. Some nights you can come in and make a grand or a couple hundred. The next night you may not even make your house fee back. Dancing in a way is similar to gambling. You make win or you may lose.

Which is exactly why I made this blog. Everyone thinks dancing is easy, quick money. It may be quick money, but it sure as shit is not easy!

This hits close to home, personally. This is why I waited to dance for as long as I did. Do you know how much money I missed out on? How many times I struggled hard trying to do an hourly job. Never again. Do what makes you happy! If you want to dance, go shake that ass!

Many women posted they made $60, $670, $140 and $77 after house fees. I made $900 my first weekend, after house fees. Don’t be surprised if you make less than $100 or more. It’s just how this industry works.

This irritates me to no end. It is you that got naked or semi-nude! Not the DJ. They are paid hourly regardless if it’s a shitty night. You are not required to give them anything (unless stated in your contract)! Which is why it is super important to read your contract before signing.

This! Guys realize dancers are creating a fantasy for you. You are paying for our time. It’s not like you got lost in the damn land of Oz and walked into a strip club not knowing what goes on in there. If you aren’t looking to spend some money, just tell the dancer. We are more likely to talk to you and come back when we aren’t busy, rather than you wasting our time.

Creating a Home Gym on a Budget

pexels-photo-221247.jpegBe real, we all want gym memberships because we all want to escape home at least one time a day for other social interaction or for something to do. But even with affordable $10 memberships there comes the problem of finding a sitter for most of us. And if a sitter isn’t a problem, your work schedule can be hectic. Adding an additional drive time to and from the gym and the time spent there really doesn’t sound appealing. But how do you build an affordable at home gym that won’t break the bank, and is easily stored away?

One store…5 BELOW!!

5 below is seen as a dollar store for teenagers and young adults. If you have never been, I definitely suggest you go. With the help of 5 Below I created an in-home gym for the price of $35.

What I Purchased

  1. Yoga Mat
  2. 8 lb toning ball
  3. Balance Board
  4. Booty Toner
  5. Yoga Strap
  6. 1 Pack of Resistance Bands (3 in box)
  7. Push Up Bars
  8. Thigh Toner

Now I was very skeptical when I ran across the fitness section. I did not take it that seriously. But for $5 and under for each product, I said ” Screw it. If it doesn’t work I will just laugh it off.”

I began working out 30 minutes a day with just 5 below products. I was pretty shocked to see they were actually working and I did feel a little sore after my workouts. Too much to my surprise I googled some of the products and found many other outlets selling ‘look a likes’ for $9+. So my overall review is SCORE!! Get that beach bod before summer for next to nothing!! Save those gym memberships for spending money on the beach!


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Creating a Sexy Look on a Budget


pexels-photo-218679.jpegEven if you have never been lingerie shopping you can kind of guess it is expensive. I mean come on, look at how much a basic bra is from Victoria Secret. So as a dancer it can be impractical to spend $70+ on a nice lingerie set. Or if you are just getting this for a one-night occasion, that can be an ungodly amount.

Let us discuss some ways to look sexy, and not break the bank. I am talking $20 and under styles. Yes!! I said $20 and under!! Most of the time, my outfits ran less than $10. Because let’s be honest all lingerie is made shitty and if I am paying for shitty quality and I expect cheap prices.

Now, this option is completely up to you but thrift store it baby!! I find lingerie sets ALL THE TIME with tags on them!! SCORE!! I still wash them when I get home of course. Now it would be pointless to just show you these outfits laid out. So I tried them all on for you. These are taken with my phone because to be quite honest…If I did this with my camera, and all these outfit changes and editing…you would not get this post for 2 weeks.



sexy on buget


Outfit one; Blue dress shirt (goodwill) $4, White stockings (local adult store) $4,  – Complete outfit $8

Outfit two; School outfit (Tmart) $5 w/ free shipping, White stockings (already owned) – Complete outfit $5

Outfit three; Robe with sash (Tmart) $4 w/ free shipping – Complete outfit $4

Outfit four; Red lace bra (Burlington) $6, Garter belt (eBay) $4, black stockings (local adult store) $4 – Complete outfit $14

Outfit five; Blue Victoria Secret Babydoll (village discount) $4 – Complete outfit $4


Simple Tips

  1. Always keep multi-colored plain thongs, or underwear. Whatever you fancy. They will be your go to’s when you are creating a new look.
  2. Buy garter belts. Most adult stores have them for $10 and under (even for bigger girls) and eBay sells them cheap as well.
  3. Buy multiple sets of stockings. Just basic ones, you’ll end up ruining them the second or third time you wear them.
  4. Remember showing less skin can be sexy, do not be afraid to only allow a small peak of skin to show


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Pshycological Effects of Being An Exotic Dancer


No matter how much money you make at a job, you will end up with bad days. So what happens when those bad days become every day and your starting to realize the psychological effects your job is having on you. Is it time to quit, switch careers, or just suck it up.

If your profession was anything besides an exotic dancer, those would all be logical options. But on the other hand, you’re a dancer and 10-1 you’re going to slip into the same dark spot you are now. Whether you switch clubs or you stay in the same spot, this problem will not fix itself. This means quitting would be your only sound option and that would be the end of your dancing days. If you aren’t ready to give up dancing yet, that can be scary.

My simple advice is to take a break. They are going to be your best friend. Even if it’s for just a week. If you get really good at your job then you are putting on a show every night and pretending to be someone your not. And that is extremely mentally exhausting. And with this job, your mood directly affects your income and if you’ve had several bad nights in a row, that could be really bad financial troubles coming.

And let’s face it, making barely anything some days can be super stressful. That doesn’t help the situation at all. I always found if I was worried about money, money did not come. But if I was careless and had a really good amount in my bank account, money just kept flowing in.

Aside from pretending all the time and the obvious money woahs. Dancers usually give off this different vibe when we are casually hanging with friends. We got so good at taking peoples money or making it so they always say yes, this can be a downfall in your intimate relationships. Without knowing it, we can easily pressure our family and friends into things they might not necessarily agree with.

It sounds crazy and you’re probably thinking “No I do not do that!”. But think of it like this, you are talking people into spending their whole paycheck in a matter of 3-6 hours without trying that hard. If you want something, do you see where you would automatically switch into that role without realizing? In a way, it becomes second nature to us dancers. This can put a devastating negative impact on your most intimate relationships. As they could end up feeling that they continuously do for you but where is your return of the favors.

Which in turn you must ask yourself “Is it worth it? Is it worth the emotional stress of money? The constant upkeep of your second life. Not slipping on the fake story you created. Is it worth upsetting your friends and family unintentionally?”.

My final advice to you is: “If you aren’t happy more than 70-80% at least at your job at all times, then leave. No matter the occupation. However, if it is dancing, most definitely leave. If even for just a year. In that year you have time to rejuvenate yourself and dancing will be a whole new experience for you. You’ll be more accepting of the bad paydays and appreciate the really good days. Although there is always asshole customers, you will be able to handle them better. Pretending will always be apart of the job unfortunately but you’ll be better equipt to handle it. So take the year break, learn from your first psychological woah, and if or when the dark place comes back…make sure to walk away for good. Dancers have a high chance of turning to drugs during those dark days and let’s avoid that.


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Premium SnapChat

snap code cover

About three to four months ago there was a huge craze over premium snapchat. The simple break down is premium snap is a new way to webcam without going through a site. You are requesting a member of your personal snap to pay a “premium” to be added to your “private story” which would include your “naughties”. As well as offering “privates with you”

How To Make a Premium SnapChat

You actually have a few options.

  1. Create a whole new story and only let certain people into that story. Which would be your paid subscribers.
  2. Create a whole new snapchat. Depending on how you plan to market your snap will depend on how you would need to set up your new snapchat.


Pros & Cons of Option One

The first con is pretty obvious. Since it’s on your personal page EVERYONE would know what you are doing. If you’re okay with that, I actually recommend this option. It is easier to advertise, and you are not juggling between two different snaps or two different phones. Make sure if this is your option you turn off your visibility on the map.

Pros & Cons of Option Two

This option actually gets really complicated. There are some really good positives though. One is that you can remain anonymous, which is a huge plus. (No one you personally know, would know what you’re doing.)

Here is where it gets a little more complicated. When it comes to advertising you can not advertise on your page (if this is a secret), so you can only share your code with people who are interested in purchasing. Which is really hard to market. The easiest way I found was advertising on my personal snapchat with the snapcode and then posting my snapcode on ghost codes.

I had to set up my snap to have a secret story (for premium members) and a “G’ rated normal story to entice people to purchase my “premium”. Which proved to be a lot of work. In the long run, if I ever did this again, I would just use my personal snap.

On top of those complications snap eventually started to lock me out of either my personal or “premium” snap. I was not willing to lose my personal snap, so I lost my “premium snap”. If you plan on actually working this for a full-time job (which is completely possible) use your personal account.

Pricing Your Premium SnapChat

This gets difficult because of competition. Like everything else, you have to remain competitive. This is where this sucks since this is basically webcaming people will expect “webcaming” prices (WHICH SUCK!!). I came across some girls offering a year worth of access to their premium for $75. Mind you if you put out one photo a day, that is selling that photo at $0.27. YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN THAT!!

As an example, I sold my premium snap membership at $20 for starters. I sold privates starting at $75  for 10 minutes and would run specials that if you booked within the hour I’d discount a 10-minute session to $50. (I made a part-time workers wage without leaving my house and maybe an investment of 3 hours within the month of actually working)

Handling Customers

Primarily your customers will be men. Being in the sex industry, or if you are just starting out (NEWS FLASH) men are rude. They will try to negotiate with you, like everything else. Stick to your guns and DO NOT agree to a “preview”.

Remain professional at all times because this is a business. In the same breath, do not be afraid to tell someone “NO” if you are uncomfortable with something.

Processing Payment

I used two methods. I used paypal for personal people I knew. For people that I did not know I used business paypal and changed my paypal to my username, so my actual name was not ever shown.

The second option is to use snapcash. I did not ever have a problem with snapcash, however, I did read reviews of people having issues. On top of that, a lot of snap users do not even know what snap cash is, or how to send it.

Premium SnapChat Vs. Web Cam Sites

There are a shit ton of sites out there to choose from. The positives of those sites are they pay you and keep everything private. Plus they have a huge traffic flow. However, that means a lot more competition. On top of that, you also have to account for you will be paid webcam girl prices. Even worse, you will not ever be notified if someone screenshots you, or records what you do.

SnapChat attracted me because of knowing who is recording and screenshotting. They would be blocked, and no refund. I was clear on this from the start, so I really did not run into this problem. I did kind of go over the cons of snap as to personal issues. Aside from that, you will not have heavy traffic. You are solely responsible for creating your own traffic. Postive though, you keep all the profits!!

Is Premium Snap For You

Mostly women who run these accounts are either exotic dancers or cam girls. They are comfortable with showing their bodies. So ultimately it comes down to, are you okay with the thought someone may record their session, and just the plain fact you are showing your body. I personally find the naked body beautiful and fascinating. Basically an art form. But again, it is all up to you.


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Budget Friendly Beauty

So let’s talk beauty products! As a dancer, you are going to go through a shit ton of makeup, hair care, skin care, and anything beauty. Let’s be real, even though it can be written off when you file your taxes, no one wants to shell out loads of money. We also do not want to go the cheap route with drugstore products. I mean have you read those ingredients? YIKES! Yea there are some brands that are ok or have come a long way, but still, you really do get what you pay for. So what is the golden answer to “How do I get high-end makeup, but nonexpensive?” SUBSCRIPTION BOXES! There is a whole collection of them to choose from. Here are my favorites:


Play! By Sephora

  • $10 a month (This purchase goes towards your point count on your Sephora rewards)
  • Makeup & Beauty Products
  • 50 point rewards card
  • 5 items, plus a bonus beauty bonus

Some downfalls of Play! By Sephora are:

  • You have to bring the 50 point card in and purchase something to receive your points. However, that can be a good thing if you were in love with one of the products they sent you.
  • You will only be sent trial size products.
  • Not customizable

You can subscribe here:

 ipsy 2


  • $10 a month
  • Full & Trial Size
  • Makeup & Beauty
  • 10%-30% Cash Back on purchases
  • Customizable
  • Loyalty program to earn additional freebies

The only downfall I have ever had with Ipsy had to do with shipping, and they actually updated me on the situation before I even had to message them.

You can subscribe here:


  • $10 a month
  • Women & Men friendly
  • Hair, Skincare, Makeup, and Fragrances
  • Loyalty Program
  • Ship full-size products for free with your next monthly box
  • Trial Size products

As I just signed up for BirchBox, I do not have any of the downfalls yet. I will update when I receive my first box.

Until Monday (1/22/2017 you can get two boxes for the price of one when you purchase your first box! The WHOLE reason I even bought the box. Use code DOUBLEFUN at check out) You can subscribe here:

Play! By Sephora Vs. Ipsy

play 2

In my opinion, Ipsy is the overall winner. I am in love with being able to customize my profile for what products may be best for me. I mean who really wants something they will not use, even if it is a sample size. Ipsy also gives a mixture of full and trial size which is nice.

I also use Ipsy’s cash back option quite a lot, and it is a HUGE money saver. A major key factor to me liking Ipsy so much is they continuously send me makeup brushes. A girl can never have enough brushes. As well as their bags they send, make cute clutches.

Other Money Saving Options

You could always get jobs at Ulta, Sephora, or any other makeup stores. They are known for giving great discounts and incentives to their employees. Personally, I have always gone with the option to just sell it myself. There are countless makeup companies out there like Mary Kay, Avon, and Younique. Each has their ups and downs. But if you are just using to get discounted makeup, they are the best route to go. Plus if you are a dancer, you can sell to your fellow dancers.  If you’d like to sign up with any of those three listed, comment interest with which company.

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Period Talk

Don’t we all just love shark week? The week we would rather just crawl up into a ball with our heating pad, some chocolate and sleep the week away. That would be fantastic! Although you are an independently contracted, meaning you most likely will not have any “bad strikes” against you for calling off. Unless you’re one of those super lucky bitches that is an employee, missing a week’s worth of wages is not a good idea for obvious reasons. So let’s go over tips and tricks to hide that you’re on your period while dancing.


 Tampons will be your best friend for obvious reasons. Most of us have a love-hate relationship with the damn things. But in this situation, it is really one of the few options that we have to work with. Whether you’re dancing nude or you leave your thong on will be a huge difference in how you will hide your period.

Nude Dancing

You’ll want to put in your tampon like you regularly would, but then take scissors and cut the string to where you feel comfortable. Just key points to remember here are that you do not want it to fall out and you want to be able to retrieve the tampon when you need to refresh. Toxic shock syndrome is a real thing! So make sure you are setting an alarm, telling one of your friends to remind you about your tampon, or something. It is totally easy to forget you have something in when you are running around doing dance, after dance, after dance. And then when you are able to refresh again, it has been 6-8 hours, and that is if you remember to take it out when you’re ready to leave for home. Anyway, you can tell how quickly this idea could go wrong.

Topless Dancing

Since you will only be taking off your top and leaving on your thong, you have a little bit more “hiding room” to work with. My favorite trick is, and in my opinion, the best safety precaution to avoid toxic shock syndrome involves tape!
Insert your tampon like you regularly would, but instead of cutting it, you’re going to pull the string up between your labia, and use tape to secure (ONLY if you are clean shaven, or small stubble). If not, the string will stay in place with placing it just between your labia. I feel because this gives you a visual when you undress and see the white string, you are more likely to remember to pull the tampon out. Always either put a reminder on your phone or tell a friend to remind you just in case.

Selecting The Right Tampons

If you are not a fan of tampons and you usually do not use them, selecting the right absorbance and brand can be quite the hassle. In my personal experience, not all tampons are made the same! You know your body better than anyone, so you’ll typically be able to go off of your normal flow. While dancing you will want to do the same. Just remember that the larger the absorbancy, the less time you should be leaving the tampon in. Toxic shock syndrome becomes a higher risk the larger the absorbancy. This information can be found right on any tampon box.
Lastly, try the organic route. As I learned last year, menstrual napkins and tampons are not regulated. Meaning the companies can put anything inside them and not tell you. Often times tampons are bleached for that white color and you then unknowingly absorb that toxin.
It may just be me, but I noticed a huge difference in my cycle and cramps when I made the switch — no cramps and lighter bleeding. This is huge to me because, after three children, I felt like death. The best part about organic is they are the SAME PRICE and better quality.  Many different brands can be found at Target, Amazon, and through subscription boxes (my preferred method).

Other Methods

Now as you all know there are menstrual cups, reusable pads and now underwear that are period proof. I have not tried a menstrual cup, so I can not speak on how practical it would be for dancing. If you have though, I would love to hear how it worked for you!
Things like pads and period underwear cannot be used for obvious reasons, unfortunately. However, there is one home remedy I have tried and successfully worked.
Take three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar per done to either lighten a heavy flow or to stop your period early. 
I recommend only using this method in an emergency. I am not too sure the long-term effects of continuously using this method is. However, I have read that you should take two teaspoons per day when you aren’t on your cycle. The taste was absolutely awful so I will not be doing that.

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Magnetic Lashes, Read before you buy

make up

One of the hottest new trends in makeup right now is magnetic lashes. Supposively they are easier and quicker to apply, rather than fake lashes. Price ranges anywhere from about $4 on the cheap end, to $60+ on the higher end.

Now I have heard a lot about these lashes, and naturally, I did a lot of research on them. Obviously, if there is some time to be saved in my makeup routine, I want to save it! Upon my first initial research I read they were a complete no go, and for the price back then at the time, they did not have cheaper options. So I said screw that idea.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday, I was browsing on Sally Beauty’s website and saw that Ardell had magnetic lashes. If you aren’t familiar with Ardell lashes, they are typically pretty good quality and a reasonable price.  The price listed was $12.99. I usually pay $13-$30 for a pair of lashes, so I said: “Screw it I will try them.”

My Experience

Right from the beginning, they were a struggle. I struggled for a good 30 minutes because I am one of those I want it directly on my lash line. Also part of my struggle was that there is a trick of getting them to stay on better with wearing mascara. Which is not said in the instructions, I had to reference YouTube for that trick. Huge turn off alert! I do not like mascara at all, which is why I am a fake lashes fan. On top of that if this is to be easier than false lashes, why all the hidden tips, and tricks. The advertisement makes it seem like it is a flawless application.

Now for how they fit on my eye line. Usually, you are able to cut lashes to fit your eyelash line better. However, since these have magnets on them, you can not cut them or you lose a magnet. I typically do not have to cut my lashes but in this case, these pairs did not fit well and I wish it could have, been an option so I could achieve my desired look. They ended up sticking well on one end, but then created a large gap on the other side.

Apart from not fitting correctly, and being too far from my lash line to my liking, they did stay on all day. They did seem to move a little and are a bit heavier than what I am used to. In all honesty, my eyelids actually hurt when I removed them, because of the weight.

Overall Opinion (Yay! or Nah!)

Beginner User-Friendly – No

In my opinion, you are better off learning with glue and a good set of lashes. (Tip, do not use the glue that comes with lashes, duo is my preferred glue)

Would I recommend to a friend – NO!!

The only person I would recommend these lashes to is an exotic dancer. Now stick with me for this one. When a dancer goes to work, we know the floor is going to be dark. Meaning no one is going to be able to tell you to have that gap between your lash line. Only use on your lazy days though.

Reasonably Prices – Yes

These were between my typical budget, so no harm when they didn’t work out.

Would I buy again – HELL NO

Just learn how to use lashes and glue, seriously. These have more tips, and tricks to get these to work than applying false lashes.

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How to Become an Exotic Dancer, Part Three

So you’ve worked your first night in the club now, and everything went pretty smoothly. Why? Well, because you’ve been following my steps to at least get you comfortable, at least with the idea of how things would go. If you have not read part one and part two, please take the time to do so before venturing further. Also, make sure to read How to Give a Lap Dance, because who just does not want to learn how to be even sexier for their partner, or for when you dance in the mirror for your eyes only.

The Dressing Room


First and foremost, bring a lock with you! Girls WILL steal your things if left out. It is sad but true. I usually put my lock on the handle of my bag that I carry, to and from work. I hardly ever leave my belongings in my locker at work.

The key to the dressing room and to be in and out.  The longer you are surrounded by all females, the more likely you will become involved in drama, the butt of someone’s joke, or just hearing some things you really do not care to hear. (And yes it will happen, being the quiet one I learned TOO much about people.)

The best advice I can give you for dealing with the females in the dressing room is, be kind and speak when spoken to. The majority of them aren’t your friends. The moment you make more than them, they will turn on you. I’m willing to be kind and courteous to anyone because you know sometimes we will be dancing for a customer together. The second I find out something is said, no more helping that person out. I’d say there definitely is an art to it, because you will make more money in pairs, believe it or not. Just find the right buddy to hustle with.

You’ll want to pretty much come ready to work, meaning having your hair and makeup already done. However, as we all know, that isn’t really possible sometimes. Just try to as much as possible. Another reason to be in and out though, some clubs have house fees that charge you when you get done getting ready. So you may have arrived at 8pm and your house fee would have been $20, but you spent an hour or two getting ready and just checked in at 10pm, your house fee is now $40.



In your dancing career, you will meet all types of people. You will dance for couples, single men, married men, a group of girls just wanting to have a good time. And with most of those people, the conversations will be effortless, and you will genuinely have a great time. However the other side of things is, we do not always like everyone we cross paths with. This is where your ‘fake customer service’ comes out.

Your looks got the customers attention, now you have to sell them with your mind. This is how you will create regulars, and have a steady flow of money coming in. The main thing you must remember is, you are selling a fantasy. Does he want the girlfriend experience, is he more looking for conversation as a friend, or does he want to discuss his sexual fantasies with you?

What I found always worked for me was befriending everyone I met first. You want to start off with basic questions, but avoid the interview approach. Introduce yourself, ask him where he grew up. Most customers are traveling, but if he gives you a local spot then you know you need to work on bringing him back to the club. If he is traveling, this opens up more ways to talk and get deeper into the conversation.

Now if he is traveling, I would give it about three songs of conversation and ask if he’d like a dance. Since he is traveling, you should be more about the hustle and not really be befriending at that point. You will be there all night if you do not get to the point of selling a dance and will have wasted your time.

If he answered that he lives locally this is where you are going to want to find out his hobbies, or that one thing you have in common. If you can find one thing you have in common. One, the conversation is going to come easy, and two, it is something you can revisit when they come back.  Make sure during the whole conversation you are smiling, and laughing when appropriate. Stray away from any sensitive topics such as politics. Now since he is more likely to become a regular, I would give him a little more time for the casual talk. After we ended a good conversation is when I would ask if he’d like a dance or to continue talking in private (VIP room). My time limit for that is at max, five songs have passed.

Psychological Effects


Now having read the above posts, you can see where working in this industry can be very mentally draining. Since you are continually selling someone else’s fantasy, you are constantly playing ‘pretend’. Which can be fun at first, but it gets old in about six months. Make sure you are not overdoing things, and take mental breaks when needed.

We will go over more of the psychological effects of dancing in my posts to follow. But I did want to give a heads up about it. If you’ve found this post helpful, please give it a star and leave me some comments. I love to hear from you all.


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